Exchanging Social, Cultural and Commercial Values between India and Africa
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What does Friends of India - Africa offer

Culture - Unity in variety  


Encouraging Social Networking


Supporting national & international trade & investments 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many countries does FoI-Africa deal with?

It's parent company World Trade Cabin (www.worldtradecabin.com) deals with 132 countries and 1031 cities. FoI-Africa deals with all African countries and India and other countries where India or Africa is connected to 

How strong is FoI-Africa in social and commercial networking?

FoI- Africa's sister company www.navtam.com has over 60 websites and its own in-house facilities to create impressive productions that are liked and adopted regularly through social and conventional media. 

If I find a program of my interest, can I upgrade my membership or pay additional for the event?

Yes, provided there are enough seats left, you can either update or pay additional to attend the event.

When will my membership expire?

All memberships will expire on 31st December. Except Ordinary and Bronze memberships, other memberships will be charged quarterly prorate.